Invited Speakers

Name Talk title
Natalia Ares


David Awschalom
Engineering spin-based quantum systems with silicon carbide
Hendrik Bluhm
Scaling up via spin shuttling
Stefano Bosco
Quantum computation with hole spin qubits in Si and Ge quantum dots
Floris Braakman
Scanning probe microscopy for spin qubits
Guido Burkard
Fingerprints of Qubit Noise in Transient Cavity Transmission
Susan Coppersmith
Coulomb interactions in Si/SiGe quantum dots
Audrey Cottet
Hybrid light-matter networks of Majorana zero modes
Dimitrie Culcer
Sweet spots for ultrafast, highly coherent Ge hole spin-orbit qubits
Łukasz Cywiński
Theory of spin qubit shuttling: Si vs GaAs and chains of tunnel-coupled dots vs a travelling dot
Jeroen Danon
Spin blockade as a detailed probe of spin-orbit coupling
Silvano De Franceschi
Long life to holes!
David DiVincenzo
Many-Body Localization, Quantum Chaos, and Superconducting Quantum Computers
Andrew Steven Dzurak
Klaus Ensslin
Spin lifetimes in graphene quantum dots
Mark Eriksson
Novel heterostructures produce spin-orbit coupling in Si/SiGe Quantum Dot Qubits
Mark Friesen

Alloy disorder vs. deterministic enhancement of valley splitting in Si/SiGe devices

Andreas Fuhrer
Vitaly Golovach
Superconducting Spin Qubits with Local Exchange Fields
Georgios Katsaros
Importance of g-factor differences for hole spin qubits in planar Ge devices
Leo Kouwenhoven
Ferdinand Kuemmeth
Andreas Kuhlmann
Arne Laucht
Rosa Lopez
Proposal for Detection of the 0′ and π′ Phases in Quantum-Dot Josepshon Junctions
Tristan Meunier
Coherent spin transfer in semiconductor quantum circuits
Andrea Morello
Scaling up donor spin qubits in silicon
Andras Palyi
Electrically driven spin resonance with bichromatic driving
Jason Petta
Gloria Platero
Matthew Rakher
Recent Progress in Exchange-only Si Spin Qubits: SLEDGE Design and Two-qubit Gates
Mario Ruben
Quantum Computing with Molecules
Giordano Scappucci
Materials and Interfaces: on and off the beaten path
Pasquale Scarlino
Michelle Simmons
Engineering qubits in silicon with atomic precision
Peter Stano
A hole-spin qubit
Sergei Studenikin
Hyperfine Effects in GaAs Single Hole Qubits
Seigo Tarucha
High-fidelity quantum gates and quantum error correction in silicone
Lieven Vandersypen
Quantum Computation - Spins Inside
Menno Veldhorst
Quantum computation and simulation with holes in germanium
Industrial FDSOI based spin qubits: latest achievements
Andreas Wallraff
TBD (topic will be on surface code error correction)
Dominik Zumbühl
Hole Spin Qubits in Ge/Si core/shell Nanowires
Floris Zwanenburg
Silicon and germanium quantum electronics