Posters A

Name Title of Poster
Chris Adambukulam
All Optical Initialisation and Readout and Coherent Population Trapping of a Single Germanium Vacancy in Diamond
Christoph Adelsberger
Hole-spin qubits in Ge nanowire quantum dots: Interplay of orbital magnetic field, strain, and growth direction
Marco Affronte
Integration of molecular spins into superconducting circuits.
Mathieu de Kruijf
Radio-frequency reflectometry in a cryogenic probe station
Laura Diebel
Sensing dot with high output swing for baseband readout of spin qubits
Felix Fehse
Generalized fast quasi-adiabatic population transfer for improved qubit readout, shuttling, and noise mitigation
Lisa Maria Gächter
Single-shot spin readout in bilayer graphene quantum dots
Florian Ginzel
Proposal for a cavity-induced measurement of the exchange coupling in quantum dots
Tobias Hangleiter
Filter Function Formalism for Unital Quantum Operations
Irina Heinz
Optimizing single-qubit and two-qubit gates in spin qubit arrays
Bence Hetényi
Anomalous zero-field splitting for hole spin qubits in Si and Ge quantum dots
Wister Wei Huang
Double quantum dots in bilayer graphene
Jelena Klinovaja
Jonas Mielke
Theory of Cavity QED with hybrid quantum-dot donor systems
Philipp Mutter
Transmission based qubit noise spectroscopy
Benoît Neukelmance
Spin/photon interface and quantum gates for spins in carbon nanotubes
Malte Neul
Gate layout and material characterization for Si/SiGe qubits
René Otten
Qubit bias using a CMOS DAC at mK temperatures
Oriol Pietx i Casas
Hot-qubits in Si/SiGe
Max Josef Ruckriegel
Progress on hybrid cQED with Graphene Quantum Dots
Jaime Saez Mollejo
Towards a depletion mode single-hole spin qubit in Ge
Christian Philipp Scheller
Microkelvin electronics on a pulse-tube cryostat with a gate Coulomb blockade thermometer
Maria Spethmann
Coupled superconducting spin qubits with spin-orbit interaction
Holly Georgina Stemp
Tomography of universal two-qubit logic operations in exchange-coupled donor electron spin qubits
Petar Tomic
Silicon MOSFET gate stack optimization for Fin-FET quantum dots
Alberto Tosato
A High-Mobility Hole Bilayer in a Germanium Double Quantum Well
Floor van Riggelen
Phase flip code with semiconductor spin qubits
Chien-An Wang
Probing resonating valence bonds on a programmable germanium quantum simulator
Liza Zaper
Magnetic properties of cobalt - nanomagnets: towards spin qubit control