Pontresina can be conveniently reached by train from Zurich airport (via Zurich main station), see SBB train schedule here The trains run regularly and a ride takes typically 3-4h with spectacular views especially from the part starting from Chur and all the way to Pontresina (train direction St. Moritz). You can also reach Pontresina from Milan by train (ca. 4.5 h).

Traveling by train from Zürich Airport to Pontresina

While the online timetable on the SBB website should be the primary reference, it may be convenient to have the timetable as a PDF file. Here, we have generated PDF timetables in the range of most frequent arrival and departure times of the conference:

Timetables for the train connection
 Zürich Airport -> Pontresina Hbf Sep 4, excluding early connections
 Pontresina Hbf -> Zürich Airport Sep 10, excluding late connections

Be prepared to change trains several times (about 4 trains in a typical connection). On the last train (R stands for regional), it is likely that the train does not stop at all stops unless a request to stop is made by pressing some button (usually on the doors or nearby). This is marked on the SBB website by the sign "X" in the online timetable (Halt auf Verlangen = Stops upon demand). Therefore, watch out for the arrival time and get ready to request the train to stop when approaching Pontresina.

For information about how to get to the conference venue when arriving in Pontresina see the venue page

An overview of the train route from Zürich Airport to Pontresina is shown on the map below. The typical duration of the travel is 3 hr 42 min, see the SBB website or the timetables above for reliable information (the map does not display all connections and can be used only to get a general idea).

 Link to the map above