Posters D

Name Title of Poster
Ian Berkman
Optical access of Er in Si with 0.5 ms electron spin coherence times
Fabrizio Berritta
Feedback-based singlet-triplet qubit control based on an arbitrary Overhauser gradient
Miguel J. Carballido
Ge/Si Hole-Spin-Qubit with Improved Dielectric and Operational Sweet Spots above 1K
Emmanuel Chanrion
Parity and singlet-triplet high fidelity readout in a silicon double quantum dot at 0.5 K
Edoardo Charbon
Cryo-CMOS Control for Spin Qubits: from a Wild Idea to Working Silicon
Matthieu C Dartiailh
Electrical characterization of quantum dots in CMOS technology
Pieter Eendebak
Data fitting for quantum measurements
Rafael Sebastian Eggli
Dispersive Gate-Sensing Hole Quantum Dots in Silicon
Simon Geyer
Two-qubit logic for holes in silicon FinFETs with anisotropic exchange coupling
Wonjin Jang
Dynamic nuclear polarization with a Wigner molecule in GaAs
Marián Janík
cQED with grAl resonators and hole spins in germanium
Daniel Jirovec
Dynamics of hole singlet-triplet qubits with large g-factor difference
Tamás Kalmár
Capacitive gate-reflectometry readout of InAs quantum dots
Josip Kukucka
A fast singlet-triplet qubit in planar Ge driven by a tunable g-factor difference
Sandrine Lopes
Find the optimal shape of the magnetic electrode to increase the addressability of spin qubits
Alexey Lyasota
Er Sites in Si with long spin lifetimes and low homogeneous broadening
Yuta Matsumoto
Fast single spin qubit operation and its coherence time enhanced by feedback control
Victor Millory
Control of nearest-neighbor coupling in silicon quantum dots based on 300-mm silicon-on-insulator technology
David Pataki
Gate crosstalk in crossbar spin qubit architectures
Giora Peniakov
Towards supersensitive optical phase measurement using deterministically generated multi-photon entangled states
Justin K Perron
Probing the timescale for measurement collapse in spin qubits
Vladimir Pesic
Pulse level qubit simulations
Conor Power
A Feasibility Study on Industrial Semiconductor Processes for the Implementation of Spin Qubits
Amanda Elizabeth Seedhouse
Quantum computation protocol for dressed spins in a global field
Mohamed Mohamed El Kordy Shehata
Co-modelling framework for spin qubits and their charge noise environment
Kevin Silverman
Praveen Sriram
Quantum simulation of charge Kondo critical points in hybrid metal-InAs quantum dots
Aldo Tarascio
Surface acoustic wave resonators for Qubit devices
Zhiren Wang
Single electron spin resonance by microwave photon counting
Ji Zou
Bell-state generation for spin qubits via dissipative coupling