Hike date:

Wednesday, September 7, 13:00-17:30

If weather conditions allow (no rain), we suggest as outdoor activity for those who are interested to hike on Wednesday afternoon from 13:00 to 17:30. We propose two levels: an easy hike, led by Jelena Klinovaja, and a medium one, led by Dominik Zumbühl. If you like to join, please sign up for either of them at the registration desk before Wednesday. More details will follow but feel free to ask also Jelena and Dominik.

We recommend to wear suitable clothes and shoes: stable (running) shoes for the easy hike, and (light) trekking shoes for the medium hike. You can expect temperatures in the range from 6 (night) to 20 (day) degrees of Celsius. Depending on temperature of the day, you can wear shorts or long pants. You should also bring some (light) jacket, sun cream, hat, sun glasses, and water along in your (small) backpack. There will be a lunch bag (with water bottle 0.3l) provided. You can eat before or on the hike.

Both hiking groups will leave from the conference site at 13:00 and return there no later than 17:30. Participation is free (up to cable car tickets) and at your own risk.

The buses to St. Moritz (Hotel Laudinella) for the concert & conference dinner (for those who have registered, see here) will depart from the conference site at 18:30, so there will be enough time to refresh and change cloths after the hike.