Posters C

Name Title of Poster
Daniel Antonio Barragan Yani
Dislocations as building blocks of defect-based quantum computers
Hans Bartling
Controlling nuclear and electron spin-pair qubits in diamond
Alvaro Bermejillo
High throughput characterization tools for carbon nanotube spin qubit integration
Leon C. Camenzind
Towards large-scale quantum processors in Silicon
Pierre Chevalier Kwon
Ge/Si Nanowire Quantum Dots Coupled to NbTiN Resonators
Lotte Geck
Qubit and Integrated Circuit Co-Simulation
Ik Kyeong Jin
Combining n-MOS Charge Sensing with p-MOS Silicon Hole Double Quantum Dots in a CMOS platform
Valentin John
A 16 quantum dot crossbar array in germanium
Jan Adrian Krzywda
Theory of coherent spin transfer between Si and GaAs quantum dots
Scott Liles
Electrical control of the g tensor of the first hole in a silicon MOS quantum dot
Jonas Lima
Interface control of valley splitting in Si-based heterostructures
Romain Maurand
Coherent coupling of a microwave photon to a hole spin
Matthias Mergenthaler
Towards fabrication of Si finFET spin qubit devices with high yield and reproducible behavior
Alban Morelle
Quantum coherent hole transport in selective area grown Ge nanowires
Yann-Michel Niquet
Reciprocal sweetness in hole spin qubits: from decoherence to circuit QED
Fabian Oppliger
Hybrid systems for spin qubits in Ge
Jessica Mai Powell
Carbon Nanotube Qubit Devices
Vincent Reiher
Optimal Control of the Operating Regime of a Single-Electron Double Quantum Dot
Gian Salis
Coplanar waveguide resonators integrated into a Si FinFET spin qubit platform
Nancy Patricia Sandler
Zoltán Scherübl
Super exchange in double quantum dot coupled to a ferromagnet
Lars R. Schreiber
Conveyor-mode single-electron shuttling in Si/SiGe
Brandon Severin
Cross-architecture Tuning of Silicon and SiGe-based Quantum Devices Using Machine Learning
Vanita Srinivasa
Cavity-mediated parametric entanglement of driven electron spin qubits via sidebands
Matias Urdampilleta
A single-electron spin-qubit in a foundry-fabricated device
Ensar Vahapoglu
Coherent control of electron spin qubits in silicon using a global field
Yi-Hsien Wu
Optimizing Two-Qubit Gates of Si/SiGe Spin Qubit using Infomration Provided by Gate Set Tomography
Xiao Xue
Coherent interface between distant spin qubits
Simon Zihlmann
Coherent coupling of a microwave photon to a hole spin
Marvin Hartwig Zoellner
Quantitative strain mapping of Si-based quantum wells in CMOS-processed spin qubit device by X-ray nanobeam diffraction