Zoltán Scherübl

BME, Budapest
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Super exchange in double quantum dot coupled to a ferromagnet
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Exchange interaction is a key ingredient of strongly correlated electron systems. It plays an important role in various fields of solid state physics like magnetic ordering, high temperature superconductivity or qubit operation. The magnetic ordering induced by exchange coupling depends on several parameters like the level position of atoms, their tunnel coupling to the neighbouring sites or the coordination, which are fixed parameters in a crystal. Realizing artificial atoms and coupling them to ferromagnet opens a unique opportunity to modify these parameters and study the induced magnetic order on an individual atoms. In this contribution we present our recent experimental results on an artificial molecule coupled to a ferromagnet and show the presence of superexchange interaction. Our findings are supported by perturbative calculations and NRG simulations. The calculations predict the in-situ tunability of the superexchange. [1]

[1] Z. Scherübl et al., Superexchange in a ferromagnet - double quantum dot system – in preparation (2022).

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