Posters B

Name Title of Poster
Ekaterina Al-Tavil
Hybrid circuit QED with double quantum dots
Matthew Brooks
Phonon-Induced Gate Infidelities in Semiconducting Spin Qubits
Bingjie Chen
Valley Splitting in Si/SiGe conveyor-mode shuttling device
Pablo Cova Fariña
Quantum simulation of exciton transport in a Germanium 4x2 quantum dot array
Maxim De Smet
Electron spin shuttling in silicon
Davide Degli Esposti
Wafer-scale low-disorder 2DEG in $^{28}$Si/SiGe without an epitaxial Si cap
Asser Elsayed
Low charge noise in SiMOS quantum dots with full 300mm CMOS processes
David Fernández Fernández
Quantum control of two qubits spin hole gates
Niels Focke
Concept of mass-characterization for spin qubit devices on Si/SiGe
Nicolas Forrer
Germanium-Silicon Core-Shell Nanowires for Spin/Hole Qubits fabricated by Chemical Vapour Deposition
Eric Jutzi
Developping hole spin qubits in planar Ge heterostructures
Zoé McIntyre
Non-Markovian transient spectroscopy in cavity QED
Stephen Ross McMillan
Driven non-local gates in double quantum dot spin qubits
Marcel Meyer
Electrically controlling uniformity of quantum dot devices
Dmitry Miserev
The non-Fermi-liquid state of strongly interacting two- and three-dimensional electron gas
Arianna Nigro
Growth and characterization of ultra-clean nanowires and Si1-xGex/Ge heterostructures for spin qubits
Martin Nurizzo
Sub Hz inter-dot tunnel rate for tuning linear arrays of quantum dots
Mridula Prathapan
Cryogenic CMOS for scalable quantum control systems
Sathish Kumar Rangaswamy Kuppuswamy
Predictive simulation of gate coupling strengths in a spin qubit device
Eline Raymenants
Heating effects in Si/SiGe
Juan Sebastian Rojas-Arias
Correlated charge noise in Si/SiGe quantum dot spin qubits
Deepankar Sarmah
Optimising the dielectrics for nanowire integration in circuit QED system
Andreas Schmidbauer
Low-frequency spin qubit energy splitting noise in highly purified 28Si/SiGe
Daniel Schwienbacher
Engineering local strain for single-atom nuclear acoustic resonance in silicon
Omid Sharifi Sedeh
Microkelvin electronics on a pulse-tube cryostat with a gate Coulomb blockade thermometer
Jann Hinnerk Ungerer
Coherent coupling between a microwave photon and spinful states of a crystal-phase defined double-quantum dot in a spin-orbit nanowire
Florian Karl Unseld
2D Spin Qubit Arrays in Silicon
Hyma Harish Vallabhapurapu
Indirect nuclear spin control of the negatively-charged $^{29}$SiV Center in diamond
Alexander Willmes
A scalable spin-shuttling architecture for Si/SiGe-based quantum computing
Xin Zhang
Towards quantum simulation of a spin ladder in a semiconductor quantum dot array