Stephen Ross McMillan

University of Konstanz
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Driven non-local gates in double quantum dot spin qubits
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A critical element towards the realization of quantum networks is non-local coupling between nodes. Scaling connectivity beyond nearest-neighbor interactions requires the implementation of a mediating interaction often termed a “quantum bus”. Cavity photons have long been used as a bus by the superconducting qubit community, but it has only recently been demonstrated that spin-based qubits in double quantum dot architectures can reach the strong coupling regime [1,2] and exhibit spin-spin interactions via real or virtual photons [3,4]. Two-qubit gate operations are predicted in the dispersive regime where cavity loss plays a less prominent role [5]. Here we explore the potential for driving entanglement, in the context of a CNOT operation, between two non-local single-spin qubits dispersively coupled to a common mode of a superconducting resonator.
[1] X. Mi et al., Nature 555, 599 (2018)
[2] N. Samkharadze et al., Science 359, 1123 (2018)
[3] F. Borjans et al. Nature 577, 195 (2020)
[4] P. Harvey-Collard et al. arXiv:2108.01206 (2021)
[5] M. Benito et al. Phys. Rev. B 100, 081412(R) (2019)

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