Pablo Cova Fariña

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Quantum simulation of exciton transport in a Germanium 4x2 quantum dot array
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The field of quantum simulation promises to give insight into a wide range of physical effects which cannot be classically computed due to their high complexity. Electrostatically-defined semiconductor quantum dot arrays are becoming more and more appealing as a quantum simulation platform, as they naturally resemble solid-state systems of correlated electrons in a lattice. Especially, the long-range Coulomb interaction is readily present in quantum dot arrays, a key ingredient for a variety of quantum many-body phenomena such as exciton formation, Wigner crystals and superconductivity. In this work, we show first results of exciton transport through a Germanium 4x2 quantum dot array using the Coulomb drag effect. For this purpose, we show the tunability of the device into the single-charge regime. We explore different signatures of correlated transport through the array by using charge sensing and current measurements. This experiment demonstrates the tunability and operation of a quantum dot ladder and can be a precursor to exciton condensation in quantum dot systems.

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