Daniel Antonio Barragan Yani

University of Luxembourg
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Dislocations as building blocks of defect-based quantum computers
Abstract Regular

Although point defects in solids are one of the most promising physical systems to build functioning qubits, it remains challenging to position them in a deterministic array and to integrate them into large networks. By means of advanced ab initio calculations we show that line defects (dislocations), and their associated strain fields, are able to create a deterministic pattern of relevant point defects.  Specifically, we present a detailed analysis of the formation energies and electronic structure of the NV center in diamond in the vicinity of straight and undissociated dislocations. Our results show that the NV centers prefer to form close to dislocations without losing the electronic and optical properties that make them suitable as qubits. Such findings represent a technological leap as they point out that dislocations can be used active building blocks of future defect-based quantum computers .

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