Medium Hike Information

  1. The medium hike is led by Dominik Zumbühl.
  2. Please sign up at the reception desk on conference site before Wednesday.
  3. The hike starts on Wednesday after the session / photo at the conference venue (Rondo). Please come already prepared and ready for departure. The return to the same site is no later than 17:30.
  4. The temperature might be as low as 5 to 10 ℃ up there (forecast). Thus, for the "medium" hike, please bring along hiking shoes or boots, a sweater, a raincoat, and some extra water.
  5. The ticket for the chair ride is provided by some of the hotels, otherwise to be paid at lift (ca. CHF 25 round trip).
  6. The detailed information about the hike follows here below:

For the "medium" hike: From Alp Languard 2'327 m (Chair Lift, 10min walk from Saratz) we do a round-tour of the beautiful Val Languard, well known for its numerous marmots and the large ibex population. We'll climb up to ca. 2'600 m, and stop by the Chamanna Paradis hut for a cake and tea as well as some great views before returning to the Alp Languard again, to take the chair lift back down to Pontresina. 5.4 km round trip, with 379 m of ascent, total of 2 hrs hiking time. Those interested can also visit the Lej Languard (small lake) slightly higher up, adding 100 m of climb, 1.8 km of distance, and 40 min of hiking time. Trail from Swiss Topo pasted below (short round trip without lake).