Victor Millory

CEA Grenoble, Pheliqs, Lateqs
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Control of nearest-neighbor coupling in silicon quantum dots based on 300-mm silicon-on-insulator technology
Abstract Regular

Owing to the scalability of the silicon manufacturing technologies, spin qubits based on electrons or holes trapped in Si MOS quantum dots represent an attractive physical platform. Here we focus on hole quantum dots made using 300-mm silicon-on-insulator nanowire technology. This approach enables the realization of hole spin qubits with long coherence [1] and all-electrical control via electric-dipole spin resonance [2]. While single-qubit operations are now routinely achieved, two-qubit logic gates have yet to demonstrated in this technology. This requires widely tunable tunnel coupling between nearby quantum dots in the few-hole regime. We discuss here our different strategies to meet this requirement.

[1] Piot N., et al. A single hole spin with enhanced coherence time in natural silicon. Arxiv (2022)

[2] Crippa A. et al. Gate-reflectometry dispersive readout and coherent control of a spin qubit in silicon. Nat Commun 10, 2776 (2019).

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