Conor Power

University College Dublin
Title of Poster
A Feasibility Study on Industrial Semiconductor Processes for the Implementation of Spin Qubits
Abstract Regular

This study aims to review existing semiconductor processes for the implementation of spin qubits and their key properties such as interaction type, decoherence and dephasing times, and sources of noise. This then leads to the consideration of dominant noise sources in semiconductor spin qubits, of which the residual nuclear spin of natural silicon is often considered a leading contributor. However, this may not always be the case due to the complexity of transistor structures, where boron impurities, possible magnetic defects, and trapped charges (to name but a few) can also be detrimental to the coherence of the semiconductor spin qubit. We consider a meta-analysis of some existing custom semiconductor spin qubit implementations and then consider the characteristics and potential of industry standard semiconductor processes. We discuss the leading sources of noise here and whether low temperatures or isotopically purified Silicon should be the main focus for improving coherence.

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