Emmanuel Chanrion

Institut Neel (CNRS)
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Parity and singlet-triplet high fidelity readout in a silicon double quantum dot at 0.5 K
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D. J. Niegemann*, V. El-Homsy*, E. Chanrion*, M. Nurizzo*, B. Jadot², V. Thiney², R. Lethiecq*, B. Klemt*, B. Bertrand², M. Vinet², T. Meunier*, and M. Urdampilleta*
* Institut Néel, CNRS Grenoble
² LETI, CEA Grenoble

One quantum system of strong interest is electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots (QD) used as qubits. Silicon is replacing GaAs as the host material of choice due to its industrial compatibility and superior properties for qubits (small spin-orbit coupling and low nuclear spin density). After the demonstration of high-fidelity quantum gates for such qubits, small spin qubit arrays are the next step toward large-scale quantum architectures.

In this poster, we will show single spin detection in double quantum dot made of CMOS quantum dots. Reflectometry on a single lead QD, operated at its charge degeneracy point, yields an on-off signal when the charge distribution in neighboring QDs changes. First, we probe charge stability diagrams of different double QD configurations. Second, we perform single-shot measurements of spin parity with an average readout fidelity of 99% at 250kHz. This result is of prime importance towards the realization of a fast and efficient spin readout required for quantum error correction protocols.

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