Florian Ginzel

University of Konstanz
Title of Poster
Proposal for a cavity-induced measurement of the exchange coupling in quantum dots
Abstract Regular

In spin qubit arrays the exchange coupling can be harnessed to implement two-qubit gates and to realize intermediate-range qubit connectivity along a spin bus. In this work, we propose a scheme to characterize the exchange coupling between electrons in adjacent quantum dots. We investigate theoretically the transmission of a microwave resonator coupled to a triple quantum dot (TQD) occupied by two electrons. We assume that the right quantum dot (QD) is always occupied by one electron while the second electron can tunnel between the left and center QD. If the two electrons are in adjacent dots they interact via the exchange coupling. By means of analytical calculations we show that the transmission profile of the resonator directly reveals the value of the exchange coupling strength between two electrons. From perturbation theory up to second order we conclude that the exchange can still be identified in the presence of magnetic gradients. A  valley splitting comparable to the inter-dot tunnel coupling will lead to further modifications of  the cavity transmission dips that also depend on the valley phases.

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