Mario Ruben

KIT-University of Strasbourg
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Quantum Computing with Molecules
Abstract Invited

Metal complexes will be proposed to acting as active quantum units for Quantum Computing (QC). We report on the implementation of metal complexes into nanometre-sized (single-)molecular spintronic devices by a combination of bottom-up self-assembly and top-down lithography techniques. The controlled generation of magnetic molecular nanostructures on conducting surfaces/electrodes will be shown and persistence of their magnetic properties under confinement in Supramolecular Quantum Devices (SMQD) will be proven. The quantum behaviour (e.g.. superposition, entanglement) of the metal complexes will be addressed at the single molecule level$^{1-13}$ to finally implement a quantum algorithm on a TbPc$_2$ Qudit performing quantum computing operations.$^{10}$

Artistic view on molecular spin qubit
Figure 1 Artistic representation of a Molecular Spin Transistor based on a TbPc2 complex acting as a molecular Spin Qudit.$^8$


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