Jeroen Danon

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Talk title
Spin blockade as a detailed probe of spin-orbit coupling
Abstract Invited

In this talk I want to highlight a few recent insights in how spin-blockade experiments can reveal qualitative and quantitative information about details of the spin-orbit interaction in multi-quantum-dot systems. One of the most straightforward examples is to do a large-field low-bias measurement of the leakage current, which allows to single out the spin-orbit-induced spin-flip tunneling channel. I will show an example of how we used this to extract the spin-orbit length in an InAs-based double dot. I will then present a few ideas how other experimental quantities, such as the large-bias magnetoresistance or detailed EDSR line shape, could reveal more detailed aspects of the spin-orbit coupling and also could serve as a tool to understand the interplay between spin-orbit and hyperfine interaction, if relevant.