Klaus Ensslin

ETH Zurich
Talk title
Spin lifetimes in graphene quantum dots
Abstract Invited

Electrostatically defined quantum dots in bilayer graphene offer a promising platform for spin qubits with presumably long coherence times due to low spin-orbit coupling and low nuclear spin density. We employ a capacitively coupled charge sensor to study the time dynamics of the excited state using the Elzerman technique. We find that the relaxation time of the excited state is of the order of 10s of milliseconds. We perform single-shot readout of our two-level system with a visibility of 87.1%, which is an important step for developing a quantum information processor in graphene. This work was done in collaboration with Lisa Maria Gächter, Rebekka Garreis, Chuyao Tong, Max Josef Ruckriegel, Benedikt Kratochwil, Folkert Kornelis de Vries, Annika Kurzmann, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Thomas Ihn, and  Wister Wei Huang.