Seigo Tarucha

Talk title
High-fidelity quantum gates and quantum error correction in silicone
Abstract Invited

Silicon is a promising platform for making spin qubits in quantum computing, because of the long intrinsic coherence time and compatibility with advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology. Taking these advantages high-fidelity quantum operations have been achieved and industrial approaches have been employed to fabricate multi-qubit devices. In this talk I will review updated development of high control fidelities of single- and two-qubit gates [1, 2]. Based on the results of the two-qubit experiments we have developed three qubit operations necessary for implementing quantum error correction, including generation of a three-spin entangled state [3] and a Toffoli gate, and finally achieved the three qubit phase error correction [4]. Lastly I will discuss the charge noise effects to influence the qubit fidelity in multi-qubit devices. We observe a strong noise correlation between qubits, which may influence the performance of multi-qubit entanglement as well as quantum error correction.

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