Audrey Cottet

Talk title
Hybrid light-matter networks of Majorana zero modes
Abstract Invited

Majorana modes  are a promising route for encoding quantum information. However, the expected non-abelian statistics of these exotic excitations remains to be observed. In order to test this property as well as to envision the development of protected gates of Majorana qubits, based on their braiding, it is necessary to build networks. From a material point of view, such a geometry is challenging to achieve. Here, we propose to build Majorana networks by entangling Majorana matter with light in a microwave cavity QED set-up. Our scheme exploits a light-induced interaction which is universal to all the Majorana nanoscale circuit platforms. This effect stems from a parametric drive of the light-matter coupling in a one-dimensional chain of physical Majorana modes. Our set-up enables all the basic operations needed in a Majorana quantum computing platform such as fusing, braiding, the T-gate, the read-out, and importantly, the stabilization or correction of the physical Majorana modes. But first and foremost, it might enable one to test the non-abelian statistics of Majorana modes in a minimal scheme, an essential step prior to any further developement of a topological quantum computing setup. 

Reference: Lauriane Contamin, Matthieu Delbecq, Benoit Douçot, Audrey Cottet and Takis Kontos, npj Quantum Information volume 7, Article number: 171 (2021)