Peter Stano

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A hole-spin qubit
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I will discuss our recent theoretical work on hole-spin qubits in gated Si quantum dots. I will focus on the differences between the results calculated with the standard lowest-order model, known as the Luttinger model, and its extension by the next-order terms in the k-dot-p expansion. In other words, I will discuss the adequacy of using the Luttinger model to analyze spin-related properties of holes confined in semiconducting quantum dots.

I will also advertise that the data in the review of gated spin qubits [2] can be accessed online.

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Figure: Inhomogeneous dephasing time of a gated p-Siquantum dot as a function of the magnetic field orientation and vertical electric field of a triangular heterostructure confinement [1].

[1] O. Malkoc, P. Stano, D. Loss, Charge-noise induced dephasing in Silicon hole-spin qubits, arxiv:2202.06181
[2] P. Stano, D. Loss, Review of performance metrics of spin qubits in gated semiconducting nanostructures, Nat. Rev. Phys. (2022); see also

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